Listening with the Heart

Healing Through Connection

Uniting Hearts, Minds, and Souls Across Species

Guiding Light for Animals was created to help facilitate greater understanding, healing and connection between animals and thier people.

Animals, as well as people, are able to be the best versions of themselves when they are in balance…body, mind and emotion. Vitality and expansion of self is what we are all looking for, and what we all deserve.

True healing comes not just from tending to the physical body, but also to the healing of the mind and emotions.  A Wholistic approach to wellness is what is needed, in order to attain a state of wholeness, balance and flow.
About Rene
I have loved animals all of my life. I have always been drawn to them, and have always wanted to help them and understand them. They have been some of my greatest teachers.

I guess I have always carried with me, my gifts of healing and communication. When I look back now, I see that I was instinctually doing it all along; putting my hands on injured animals, talking with plants, or should I say, feeling into them, to help support their needs. When I trained dolphins, I was able to hone my skills on communicating through body language, behavior and sound. It was there, that I first consciously communicated, telepathically, with a dolphin,

It is my passion and calling, to connect with nature, and I am honored and blessed to be able to help bring understanding and healing to both animals and their people.

I am an Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, Certified Healing Touch for Animals Practicioner, Certified Crystal Healer and Certified Detoxification Specialist. I have experience with sound therapy, color therapy, flower essences and essential oils. When your animal companion receives an energy session, depending on the nature of the issue, and when appropriate, I will incorporate one or more of these modalities into the healing session.

Telepathic Communication

Telepathic Communication

Unlock the silent language between you and animal companion,, resolve issues, and strengthen your bond.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Tap into the healing power of energy to address physical and emotional imbalances in your animal companion.

Behavioral Consulting

Behavioral Consulting

Discover the root causes of your animal's behavior and learn effective ways to address them with compassion.

End of Life

End of Life

Receive support before, during and after your beloved's journey home. Animal communication and energy healing can provide much comfort during this time of rebirth.


All Species All Needs

Regardless of species type, what you would like to learn about them, or support them through energy work, I can help. Animal Communication, Energy Healing, Behavior Training Horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, reptiles...and other companion animals. General understanding, training/behavior, health issues, end of life, afterlife and more.


Available wherever you are

I offer all of my services virtually and remotely. So we are able to connect, and work together, no matter where you are.



Flexible session lengths and reasonable rates fit any budget.


Detailed Transcript

A detailed written transcript is provided. for all animal communication sessions. There to read and reread at any time, to refresh your memory and gain additional insights.

Heal with Harmony
Where Love Meets Understanding

 Rene is extremely gifted. I am grateful that Bentley and I had the opportunity to speak with her and cannot wait to have her speak to my other animals in the future. Thank you! I have noticed significant change in Bentley’s biting as well as his “jumpiness.” I am grateful that Rene helped me to understand his point of view and helped me to hear what he has to say. West Lafayette, IN 

Cat owner

 I had no doubt that Rene spoke to Winny. The information was very accurate and the images were so clear that I instantly knew what Winny was trying to tell us. I am very grateful to Rene that she made this experience possible. It was amazing and I will gladly contact her in case I need more help. Slovenia 

Dog owner

 Rene connected with Sunny so successfully that she even (verbatim) got the phrase I have adopted since Sunny’s death. Rene really helped me through some of the grief I have been feeling since Sunny and some of the other rabbits I had have left me. It was a strange feeling when she got the love phrase correctly, I knew in that instant that Sunny came to her. I wasn’t 100%nsure she would share as openly as she did. Thank you. I look forward to referring clients to Rene. Moore Park, CA 

Rabbit owner

 Rene had relayed a message from Seven that really affected me. His sincerity and heartfelt plea was touching and I knew Rene was connected with him. Before our phone session, Rene had stated she would be communicating with my two dogs prior to the session. Within a few days, I noticed a shift in the attitudes and general energy between the two dogs. There was a cohesive interaction between them and I knew Rene had something to do with this and felt she would be able to help my household!! Rene gave me some insight and a clear plan on how to help Seven. Each animal we accept in our lives deserves the best we can offer and I haven’t done that for Seven. Rene kindly offered suggestions on how to help Seven feel like a valued member of the family. East Luttrell, TN 

Dog owner

 Rene really connected with the correct animal. I have numerous animals in the house, as well as one who has passed, and they all like to speak with communicators, so I was a little concerned that she might be overwhelmed with animal wanting to butt in. She nailed Sparky’s personality and what I felt he had been trying to tell me. Sparky seems to be more accepting of Gouchaya and all 3 dogs play together more and Sparky seems happier. We are all communicating better and coming together as a pack. Sanford, NC 

Dog owner

 I love how accurate Rene was able to describe Taz's personality. And how she was able to relay so many of Taz's thoughts and feelings. She got to the very root of the issue and was able to tell me how it came about. She offered suggestions on how I could work with Taz. i was overwhelmed with all of the information Rene provided. There was a change in Taz right away, and I will continue to use the tools Rene provided to stay on track. Phelpston, Ontario Canada 

Cat Owner
  • Texas, USA

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