I like to connect with you first, via telephone, hence the free 15 minute consult. This will give you an opportunity to see if I am right for you and your family, and it will  give me a chance to collect any information needed for whichever session you choose to use.

     Animal communication sessions can cover any topic or need you have, for any species of companion animal, living or crossed over. Such as if you would like to know your animals on a deeper level as the thoughtful sentient beings they are, work through behavior and training issues, gain insights to help you take better care of their physical and emotional health, support them through aging and end-of-life concerns, and connect with them after they have crossed over.

 I will connect with your animal, on my own, which gives me the opportunity to solely focus on your animal's needs, without interruption and with no time limit.
     We will then reconnect, and go over everything your animal communicated. I will also send you a detailed transcript, so that you can read and re-read, at any time, to refresh your memory and gain additional insights.

Energy Sessions

 I am a trained and certified practitioner who utilizes multiple techniques to treat the entire body, whether it is for wellness/preventative, or when there may be dis-ease in the body, or issues with behavioral changes, in your animal.

    For the actual energy session, we will schedule a time, when your animal will be in a relaxed state, and I will perform the energy session, remotely. Once completed, we will reconnect, via phone, to go over everything that happened during the session, and answer any question you may have.  

After your initial session, you’ll have the option of booking shorter sessions and packages as a returning client.  

To schedule your free 15 minute consult, or to book a session, head over to my donation page.