Animal Communication
We are all part of the web of life. All animals are conscious, sentient beings, who have their own part to play in this life.

Animals come into our lives for many reasons, but the basis of all of them, is love.

If youwould like to understand your animal companion more, have a behavioral issue that needs addressed, a physical issue you want clarity with, or you want to connect with an animal that has crossed over or is in the process of transitioning, an animal communication session could be helpful.

Animal communication, also known as interspecies communication, is the exchange of information between human and non-human animals. This type of exchange happens in the subtle energetic realm, which is beyond what our five senses usually detect.

I receive messages in many ways; through words,sounds, taste, a full thought, physical sensations, emotions, images or a knowing.

I do this by connecting with the animal's soul/energy, which is not bound by time and space. This is why I can do this remotley, withought the animal being present, and I can also connect to an animal who has crossed over.

During animal communication sessions, my sole focus is to facilitate a conversation between you and your animal companion and to be a humble messenger for whatever they want to convey to you.

Ultimately, this conversation can help you reach a new level of mutual understanding, support and healing that you might not have realized was possible—even after they’ve crossed the rainbow bridge.