Energy Healing
The Life Force Energy is all around us. It permeates the universe. It is this energy that enables healing and regeneration. We see this in animals that regenerate limbs, wounds that heal and trees that continue to live and grow, even after being cut down. The healing power of energy has always existed and flowed through the hands of healers to animals and people. In every culture, Healers have tapped into this life force to help themselves, others and animals.

Energy healing is a complementary treatment that supports animals who see physicians, naturopaths, chiropractors and acupuncture professionals. Energy work can also be a stand alone modality that is used for issues that do not require medical or therapeutic intervention. Energy healing helps bring balance, stabilization and harmony to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual

Energy Healing sessions can assiat with:
Overall wellbeing, pain contrlol, trauma, anxiety and stress reduction, healing from accidents and injuries, seperation issues, grief, disease prevention, health issues, behaviour modification, competition performance, training focus,deepens animal-human bond,ease of dying process, supports immune system,
eases accute an chronic condions, supports in euthanasia.

Most clients notice immediate calmnes, both during and after the session. For chronic issues, mental and emational issues, scheduling sessions more frequently, will provide greater balancing and well-being.